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How is the Program Laid Out?

What Tech Skills Do I Need to Have?

What Do the Exercises Look Like?

Is This Your Own Invention?

What If I Can’t Make the Live Calls?

Will I Need Private Work?

How Much Time Will I Need?

I’m Still a Little Skeptical, Help?

Will I Become Certified?

Is the New Inner Game Different?

I Won’t Have WiFi, Should I Wait?

What If I Have Chronic Fatigue?

For the Healer Who is Unwell

Can This Help with Mental Illness?

Can Kids Do This Work?

Your New Medicine is Waiting for You! 

Between tuition, travel, books, certifications and more, I’ve spent well over $100,000 learning this material (more, if you also include my university degrees).  

And I have definitely exceeded well over 10,000 hours of face-to-face work with clients. But you don’t have to spend that kind of time or money.  

I believe this work is so important – not just on an individual level, but also on a level of real transformation in the world – that I decided to create this program so that this work can be more accessible for you.  

With SmartBody SmartMind, you’re getting the fruits of my 20 years of experience.  

Rather than your having to sift through all the reading, research, and books, and attending training sessions – I’m giving you what I’ve found to be the most essential, critical pieces a person needs to know for healing their nervous system.  

It’s a curated collection of what you need to know for healing trauma at the nervous system level and tapping into the power of neuroplastic healing.  

Plus, not only are you getting education, and a lifestyle change, but you’re getting a whole new community of caring people who are empathetic and interested in the next level of healing. (I’ve found out that members have formed true, meaningful friendships where they continue to support each other outside of the program.)


Your New Medicine is Waiting for You! 

  12 Payments of $197 USD or 1 Payment of $1997 USD (save $367)  

(Those who have purchased the 21-Day Nervous System Tuneup receive $300 off)  


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